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February 16, 2012

Tutorial: LDS Account Registration

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January 25, 2012

LDSJobs Update: Now You Can Search Articles and Videos!

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On Monday, December 19th the 4.0 of LDSJobs was released. Upgrades to the site include:

1. Key word search of the content.
2. Improved Site Map
3. Many articles are reformatted.

– posted by Richard Pedersen on LinkedIn

October 24, 2011 was Developed for You as Leaders

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The following are personal thoughts, opinions & ideas of LDSJobs from Richard Pedersen. They may provide a different "lens” to view LDSJobs.

“My journey with LDSJobs began on July 27th, 2009 as I prepared our missionary staff to launch the “beta testing” of this new worldwide tool. Since then, we have spent countless hours using the website & conducting hundreds of large, medium & small training presentations about LDSJobs. So what have we learned?

1) One-to-One discussions are more effective than large presentations for sharing the "vision" of LDSJobs.

2) LDSJobs was developed for leaders.

A key activity for LDS Employment is to help more members move from the left hand side of a bell curve to the right hand side of a bell curve & support ward/stake leaders in this process. The "bell curve" I refer to can be found in many of the new correlated training “Welfare Lessons for Church Leaders” on

Building greater self-reliance can take a significant time investment from the member. This process can take several months or years for the member to reach greater levels of self-reliance. During that time the member may move to another area and individuals in leadership callings will change. is the common global tool that the members, ERS Staff & Stake/Ward leaders can use coordinate efforts to support & assist members in reaching their goals for greater self-reliance. Members on the right hand side of the curve may not need as much support & assistance from leaders. If they choose, they can access all information, job postings, & other resources on in a self-service manner. is a global tool that allows one correlated message to leaders, members and resources.

It is about job leads but more importantly, it is about the depth & breadth of relationships behind the job leads! is a tool for SES/WES & other leaders to become involved.
"Stake presidents, bishops, elders quorum presidents, and high priests group leaders—we now call upon you to mobilize our priesthood quorums in response to the employment and financial challenges facing our members. Consider this your personal phone call.” This Is Your Phone Call, Bishop Richard C. Edgley, April 2009”

Posted by Richard Pedersen, Associate Manager at LDS Employment Resource Services, Portland, Oregon Area, on LDS Stake and Ward Employment Specialists LinkedIn Group

October 22, 2011 Update

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If you haven’t recently visited the Rochester New York Employment Center Resource Center page of, then you might want to check out some of the information that has been added to it. Go directly to the page via

First of all, there are the details for the upcoming Employment Workshop at the Palmyra Stake Center on 29 Oct 2011.

Also, there are some new useful links for Community Job Search Resources, including the new RochesterWorks Virtual Career Center, and for One Stop Career Centers in the region, and for our Employment Center blog and Facebook page.

June 13, 2011 Information

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“Dear Employment Specialist,

When you registered on you indicated you would like to receive reports about those who live within your ward who are seeking help with employment, education or self-employment. The technical issues that have kept these reports from being sent have been resolved and it is expected that you will begin receiving the reports at the frequency you indicated. Thank you for your patience while we worked through the challenges. It is anticipated that over the next few months the report will be refined to provide additional meaningful information.

To see or edit your request for these reports log-in to, select the My Account tab, under My Role: Ward, you will see your current settings for receiving these reports. You can edit your selections by clicking on the Edit Contact Information button.

Thank you,
LDS Employment Resource Services “

Posted by Richard Pedersen, Associate Manager at LDS Employment Resource Services, Portland, Oregon Area, on LDS Stake and Ward Employment Specialists LinkedIn Group

April 29, 2011 is Linked In with LinkedIn©

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Now to find a job lead using the search function, you can go directly to LinkedIn to make network connections in the company posting the position.

First, log in to, go to the home page and enter a keyword or location to find Job Postings and click on Search.


A list of positions currently posted on will be displayed.


Click on clip_image006 to the right of the job information to see a list of the connections in that company who are on LinkedIn. Use this list to determine if you already have a connection to someone in the company or if you can get an introduction to someone in that company.


Note that you can filter the list by location to limit the list to a specific location.

February 3, 2010

Calendar, Useful Links on

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Employment Center

1. Click View Employment Center Profile right side bar

2. View Calendar of Upcoming events

3. Click on various Useful Links

4. Click Manage my LDSJobs Activity to return to personal profile

Viewing Basic Information in

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Basic Information

•  Contact information for ward and stake specialists, right side bar

•  Click on a series of rotating articles, right side bar

•  Click Learn about Employment Services, right top, to return to sign in screen

•  Click picture topics to access videos, etc.

Documenting Long-term Goals and Action Plans in

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Long Term Goals and   Action Plans

• Click My LDSJobs and Home

• Click Edit Goals and read about Goals and add items to your Action Plan

Using the Optimal Resume Feature in

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Optimal Resume

• Click Optimal Resume

• Click Sign in or Register to access this free resume creation tool

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