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January 25, 2012

Tips for Temps

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If you’ve been thinking about temporary or contract work while you sort out your career choices or gain experience, you’re certainly not alone. An increasing number of professionals are choosing project work, and there are numerous opportunities available. In fact, a recent survey of executives by Robert Half International shows that two-thirds (66 percent) of companies are using as many or more temporary
professionals today versus five years ago.

It’s not hard to see why job seekers are attracted to this arrangement. Temporary professionals are often able to arrange their work schedules so they can effectively balance professional and personal priorities, and many — especially those with hardto-find skill sets — earn more than their full-time counterparts.

But success in the role requires more than just responding to the first "temporary help wanted" sign you see. Here are some tips for getting the most out of interim work:

Find the right staffing service
If you decide that becoming a temporary professional is the right choice for you, how do you get started? First, find the right staffing firm. Many staffing services have Web sites that describe the level of service they provide as well as the types of companies and industries they focus on.

Your best bet is to identify a staffing firm that specializes in the field in which you have experience or interest. For example, if you’re an accountant, you want a staffing firm that specializes in placing accounting and finance professionals. These firms typically have the knowledge to understand your needs and the contacts to find you the job you’re looking for.

It’s also wise to check with friends or family members who have worked with staffing firms in the past for recommendations. And call a handful of staffing firms in your area to ask the following questions:

– How long have you been in business?
– What is the market for someone with my skills?
– How many openings do you currently have for the position I seek?
– What makes your firm superior to others?

Also, pay attention to the details, like how promptly your inquiry is addressed and how you are treated over the phone. If your skills are a match for the types of jobs the staffing firm has available, you will be asked to schedule an interview with a representative from the firm. Bring a copy of your current resume as well as a list of references to the meeting.

Understand your responsibilities
Once you’re offered an interim position, not only should you review the basic job duties and objectives with your staffing manager but also clarify all aspects of the job with your on-site supervisor upon your arrival. You’ll avoid misunderstandings and be more productive if you seek clarification up front. The more you can do to obtain a big-picture view of your assignment, the better you’ll be able to perform.

Ask for help and request feedback
Employers expect interim professionals to hit the ground running, but don’t be afraid to ask for specific information that may be necessary for you to do the best job. This may include, for example, instruction on proprietary systems, unique business practices or customized features of a software application. Throughout the assignment, seek feedback on your performance from your supervisors and those with whom you work closely. Requesting feedback and remaining open to guidance and constructive criticism will enable you to be more effective.

Take temporary assignments seriously
The biggest mistake interim workers can make is being shortsighted. While the position may be temporary, the impression you make is not. Remember that even brief assignments can offer many professional benefits, including opportunities to make valuable industry contacts and enhance your skills. Give your all from the first to the last day you’re on the job. Some temporary assignments will be more enjoyable and challenging than others. Nonetheless, bring the same level of energy, enthusiasm and professionalism to each job. In a recent survey by Robert Half International, 87 percent of executives said it is valuable to hire someone on a temporary basis as a means of evaluating him or her for a full-time position. The more professionally you approach a temporary assignment and the greater value you add to the project, the more likely managers will be to comment favorably on your performance to your staffing firm or even make you an offer for a full-time role.

• MONROE COUNTY DHS Weekly Employment Bulletin December 5, 2011


May 14, 2011


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Airport Customer Service is hiring for full-time seasonal positions in airports across the United States including all domestic hubs. ACS is looking for candidates committed to providing exceptional customer service in customer check-in and baggage handling capacities. Successful candidates will work 40 hours a week from June 1 through August 31.

Customer Service Ticket/Gate Baggage Handler/Ramp Operations employees will earn $10.82/hour and Delta worldwide travel privileges.

Candidates must be at least 18, able to lift 70 lbs, authorized to work in the US, have a high school diploma/GED and a valid driver’s license. A background check and drug test will also be part of the hiring process.

Apply at

April 14, 2011

Employment Contractors & Temp Agencies in Rochester:

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Accountemps 640 Clinton Square 232-6055
Adecco Employment 2235 S. Clinton 454-5511
Adecco Employment 1330 Lexington Ave 546-1660
Aerotek 100 Corporate Woods, Ste 100 350-2700
Ajilon 200 Meridian Ctr 760-2210
AP Professionals 500 Linden Oaks 381-7350
Burns Personnel Inc. 3300 Monroe Ave 385-6300
Employee Relations Assoc. 7 Linden Park 381-0810
EDK Environmental Inc. 240 Ellington Rd 764-8002
ETS Staffing 574 Ridge Rd W 865-0780
Express Personnel 3300 Monroe Ave, Suite 300 218-0440
Kelley Engineering 1200A Scottsville Rd, Suite 375 235-0230
Kelley Services 100 Meridian Ctr, Suite 315 461-1640
Labor Ready 70 Mount Hope Ave 454-6830
Labor Ready 961 Lyell Ave 254-1360
Manpower 2534 Ridgeway Avenue 227-6008
McCall Staffing 36 W Main Street, Suite 405 231-1510
Medical Solutions, Inc 2701 Culver Rd 259-0984
Office Team 640 Clinton Square 232-6171
OnPoint Staffing 250 Mill Street, Suite 408 423-7414
People Lind Staff 1460 Lyell Av 461-1170
Premier Staffing 1100 University Ave 723-6495
Quality Recruiting 250 Mill St 777-4060
Remedy Staffing 1600 Lyell Ave, Suite 2 254-6230
Remedy Staffing 1425 Jefferson Rd 697-3299
The Employment Store 69 Cascade Dr, Suite 303 232-4880
Surrounding Areas:
Datrose, Inc 660 Basket Rd, Webster 265-1780
Manpower 345 Woodcliff Dr, Fairport 218-4210
Northeastern Recruiting 174 Garnsey Rd, Pittsford 249-0872
Patriot Inc. of Roc 100 Ontario St, East Rochester 381-6157
Remedy Intelligent Staffing 79 Genesee St, Avon 226-6090
Spherion 530 Willowbrook Office Park, Fairport 267-8910
Superior Group 155 Corporate Woods, Suite 130 475-9600
Tek Systems 171 Sullys Trail, Suite 102, Pittsford 249-8000

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