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January 10, 2012

Cover Letters

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May 3, 2011

The Perfect Cover Letter

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The cover letter is like the icing on a cake. You baked the cake when you prepared your resume, now it’s time to top it off. Just like icing on a cake gives “eye appeal,” the cover letter is the first thing an employer will see before reviewing your resume. The cover letter is one more important opportunity for the employer to look at who you are and for you to briefly present yourself.

If you don’t prepare a cover letter, you miss out on that opportunity to be noticed. An employer might view you as shortcutting the process of the application. Some online applications may not require it, but a cover letter is used for introduction, can peak an employer’s curiosity and helps you state your reason for application with brevity.

Like the resume, the cover letter has required components as well. The cover letter can be short and to the point, with 3-4 paragraphs containing these main ingredients:

1.    Make the CONNECTION – Explain how you learned of the position and why you are interested in working for them.

“I am applying for the position of associate marketing director. A friend/acquaintance, Ken Smith who is employed in sales at Ace Manufacturing, shared the opening with me.”

2.    Create the MOMENTUM – Do your homework/research on the employer. Check their website, read an annual report, or talk to other employees that you might know.  What’s the connection or attraction between you and the company?

“With several years of experience in sales and marketing at Meter Marketing, I was promoted from sales to marketing manager in two years. We expanded our market share by 12% in my first year as manager and I feel I can do the same for Ace Manufacturing.”

3.    Now you MOTIVATE – Say what you want, be specific. What can you do for them? What skills and strengths do you bring? Use your resume as a tool.

“My strengths are in management and problem solving. Since Ace Manufacturing recently acquired Maxx Inc., I feel I can draw upon my skills to blend the marketing teams and help with the transition of the newly purchased company.”

4.    Leave them with ACTION – What do you want? What’s next? You will not get the position if you sit and wait.

“I would like to request an interview and will follow up with a call next week. I can be reached by phone at 555-123-4568 or by email at  I look forward to speaking with you and am excited about the opportunity to grow my marketing career with Ace Mfc.”

A well-constructed cover letter will be an asset to your resume as you present yourself to a prospective employer.

Remember, your cover letter is like the icing on a cake, not necessarily needed but it makes it stand out and taste a whole lot better!!!

So make yourself stand out….

Don’t forget the cover letter!!!

From Monroe County Dept. of Human Service Job Search Companion – May 2011

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