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February 24, 2010

Need a Low-cost Computer?

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In today’s world, most jobs require some knowledge of how to use computers. The main use for a computer in an office is primarily word processing, with spreadsheet use coming in second. Some jobs may even require some skills with using slide show presentation software and database software. Having some experience with these applications on a computer will help expand the variety (and pay) of jobs for which you would be eligible.

If you cannot afford the $400-$1000 for a new computer, all is not lost!

Micrecycle is a volunteer-based computer access program of Action for a Better Community. From them, you can purchase a computer for $30-$160. The computer comes equipped with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, network card, sound card, floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, Acrobat Reader, AVG anti-virus software, plus word processing, spreadsheet and other office applications.

More information and an order form can be obtained at the Micrecycle website.


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