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January 25, 2012

How to get a non-profit job

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by Miriam Salpeter

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Have you considered transitioning to a non-profit career?

Think about Your Skills and How to Use Them

Non-profits are looking for people who:
• have a strong track record of leadership and the ability to influence their constituencies.
• are able to keep people motivated and engaged.
• demonstrate ability to manage across a broad portfolio of responsibility.
• are able to show an impressive record of delivering a solid return on investment.
• bring a passionate interest in their work and mission.
• is committed long-term, even when the finish line is out of sight.

Think about where you want to work by answering these questions:
• What issues do you care about?
• What are the appropriate skills you have to help transition into the sector? (E.g., legal, sales, financial management). What’s missing from your skills? Consider taking a course to fill in any gaps in your background.
• What type of organization will help you thrive? Do you prefer working for an organization that’s slow and steady? A fast-growing group? Maybe you’d love working with a startup, or working directly for a founder?

Once you’ve identified your skills and made a match, you’ll be ready to approach the non-profit market from a position of strength.


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