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November 30, 2011

Skill Up, Start Up, Speak Up: Expert Tips to Fire Up Your Job Search

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An article from Quintessential Careers at discusses three themes that the author has found to characterize the post-recession job market:

1. Skill Up: A large number of job vacancies go unfilled because of a gap in skills between what employers need and what job-seekers offer.

2. Start Up: Workers must become CEOs of their own careers to survive amid the current jobs crisis. That entrepreneurial mindset might translate to starting a business, freelancing, or simply taking a more proactive approach to their own careers.

3. Speak Up: Job-seekers may want to consider calling attention to the jobs crisis and ask business and government for solutions.

The article compiles valuable tips and different perspectives from authors and experts on how to address the issues associated with this three-fold theme:

Skill Up

• Keep developing your skills — constantly.
• Know what the employer needs.
• Let your skills motivate you.
• Know the hard-to-fill fields in which employers are having the hardest time finding skilled workers.
• Add value to your career brand and magnetism with five intangible skills.
• Paint a picture for the hiring decision-maker.
• Look to community colleges for skills training.
• Especially look at community colleges that partner with local employers for academic programs tailored to the employers’ needs.
• Consider skilled trades and the schools that teach them.
• Volunteer.
• Be the answer to an employer’s need.
• Mark yourself to market and build your personal brand.

Start Up

• Develop an entirely new mind-set and skill set.
• Establish multiple streams of income.
• Consider multiple jobs, virtual work, temp work.
• Become a freelancer.
• Know the areas of greatest freelance opportunity.
• Are you a Millennial? Think "project."
• Cultivate face-to-face connections.
• Actively pursue opportunities to hone the skills that employers consider most important but least common.
• Don’t put all your career eggs in one basket.
• "Maximize your options by actively seeking out opportunities across your organization — not just waiting for upward moves.
• Develop startup skills.
• Create your own opportunity.
• Be prepared to add value.

Speak up

• Know where you stand in the applicant pool.
• Work toward a support system for independent workers.
• Raise awareness of solutions that aren’t college-centric.
• Encourage local governments to focus on jobs.
• Put your money where your mouth is.
• Contact news-media outlets to ask for more coverage of the jobs crisis.
• Write letters to the editor, blog posts, and social-media communications appealing to job creators.

This article addresses the needs of every job seeker at every phase of the job search process, and I suspect will give the thoughtful reader some interesting new directions to consider in their job search.


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