Rochester NY Stake Employment Center

October 24, 2011

Employment Resource Center Training on the Internet

Filed under: Stake Employment Center News — Larry @ 1:44 pm is a link to some great training information for employment specialists. Some of the useful vides that the site includes are:

1  -  Helping Those with Employment Needs

2  -  The Role of Priesthood and Relief Society Leaders

3  -  Resources for Job Placement, Career Development, and Small Business Management

4  -  Center Leadership and Performance

5  -  Helping Candidates: Planning

6  -  Helping Candidates: Providing Resources

7  -  Helping Candidates: Following Up

8  -  Helping Candidates: Individualized Services

9  -  Resource Development

10  -  Building a Successful Staff

11  -  Teaching Techniques

Note: If you are using Google Chrome, you may not be able to play these videos. If this is the case:

1. Click on the wrench icon in the corner of the browser and choose "Preferences."

2. Choose "Under the Hood."

3. In the Privacy section, click on "Content Settings…"

4. In the Pop-ups section, click on "Manage Exceptions…"

5. Add a new hostname pattern like this:


and set the behavior to "Allow."  This will only allow the lds app to open popups.


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