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February 20, 2010

How to Work a Job Fair

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Before the Job Fair:
– Research the organizations that might be of interest to you.
– Be prepared to ask questions of the representatives (but not questions like “How much time off do I get?”). Practice out loud – it helps!
– Know yourself and your strengths!
– Try to identify specific experiences where you have demonstrated your strengths.
– Know why you want to work for their organization. If you don’t know, they won’t either.

During the Job Fair:
– Make an outstanding first impression.
– Dress appropriately and neatly.
– Make eye contact immediately when introducing yourself (and smile).
– Give a firm handshake to get you off to a good start. Speak clearly and with confidence.
– Remember the representative’s name (if you forget, refer to their name tag).
– Be polite and show enthusiasm.
– Remember to watch your body language: Don’t fidget or chew gum.
– Listen carefully to what the representative has to say.
– Offer your resumé.
– Ask for a business card or write the representative’s name down. It’s okay to ask what the hiring procedure is.
– Take the initiative and engage in meaningful conversations with the representatives.

After the Job Fair:
– Mail a legible handwritten ‘thank you’ letter to the representatives you spoke with!
– You can send an initial or additional resumé in your thank you letter; point out your strengths.


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