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February 17, 2010

The Rat Race Rebellion

Filed under: Telecommuting or 'Work @ Home' — Larry @ 10:16 am

“Work-at-home”, telecommuting, virtual careers – whatever you call it, the pre-Industrial Revolution ‘cottage business’ is growing and giving more opportunities for more people to supplement or create an income. Thanks to the internet, email and the growing number of apps (such as LinkedIn) to communicate faster to a wider range of people around the world, plus the trend of companies to outsource some of their functions in an effort to reduce costs, more employers, both in the US and overseas, are turning to ‘virtual’ employees to accomplish various tasks.

This can be of great benefit to parents who wish to stay at home with their children while generating an income, to those with disabilities that preclude them from working outside the home, and to those who want to supplement their income on a flexible schedule.

While the scam-to-legitimate job ratio is about 60:1, there are many legitimate jobs in the marketplace, and the number of legitimate jobs is increasing. The competition for these jobs is increasing as well. Therefore, we need to do our homework, both in seeking a job, and in marketing ourselves to the employer.

Fortunately, there are sites that can help us with both of these issues. Rat Race Rebellion is a site that points us to legitimate employers and seems to be reliable in filtering out scams. It also has lots of good information on how to spot and avoid scams, and on how to find these jobs.

With virtual jobs in over 100 job types (from accounting to teaching), this is a site well worth the visit. Plus, they have a section on ‘freebies’ with coupons and promotional ‘give-aways’!


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